All over the world, agriculture is synonymous with risk and uncertainty. India has 143 million hectares cultivable land with a vast majority of land holdings being small and marginal in size (approximately 80 percent of farmers operate less than 2 hectares) and a significant proportion of such households are below the poverty line. A large proportion of India’s cultivable land has rainfed crops and is highly vulnerable to the variations in the monsoon. Indian farmers, particularly rainfed farmers, have been facing partial or major crop losses frequently due to various risks that include pests and diseases and weather vagaries. As rtraditional coping mechanisms for addressing these risks are not adequate and not applicable in all contexts, crop insurance is increasingly gaining importance as a risk mitigation measure. The phenomenon of climate change also posing several risks for the crops, which are showing an increasing trend in occurrence as well as severity. In this regard, agricultural risk management products, particularly for the small and marginal farmers, are of critical importance. It is widely felt to introduce a new Farm Income Insurance Scheme to protect the farmers against both yield and price risks.


National Conference on Crop Insurance

To envision the blueprint of the above concept, Government of Madhya Pradesh is organizing “National Conference on Crop Insurance” at Hotel Jehan Numa Palace, Bhopal (the Lake City of Madhya Pradesh) on 15th-16th June. The theme of the conference is “Empowering farmers by augmented crop risk management” .This event will provide a platform to address the issues and to evolve a suitable insurance mechanism for protection of farmers against yield and price related risks. The event will be vibrant with the participation of major stakeholders, like administrators form

Central & State Government, scientists from ISRO, Forest Survey of India (FSI), MAPCAST, ICAR, weather experts from Indian Meteorological Department, Agricultural Economists, Farmers’ organizations, Progressive farmers, Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMCs), Professionals in agricultural insurance, Agricultural insurance policy experts, Agri -industry associates, IIFM, Academicians, Officers from Agriculture and allied departments etc


Key Objectives of the National Conference on Crop Insurance

To have a critical view of crop insurance performance in the state of Madhya Pradesh and the challenges associated with crop insurance.

To generate ideas to improve the crop insurance benefit to the farmers of Madhya Pradesh

To capture the details of crop insurance models which can contribute to improve crop risk management for the farmers of Madhya Pradesh

To document measures and initiatives to consider for policy level interventions in crop insurance